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Ask your agents to rate the apps you use, and streamline your support process!

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Keep your Zendesk apps clean and lean by knowing hich apps your agents use and love... and which apps they hate!

It's easy to select which apps you want your agents to rate.

The app will automatically create a list of all the apps you have installed. All you need to do is tick the boxes next to the ones you want rated.

Let the survey begin!

Once you've launched your survey, all of you agents will have the app popup at the top right hand side of the screen. There they'll be able to rate each app out of 5 stars. Or, if they don't use it or don't know what it is, there's options for that too!

It's time to bring in the results

Once you're happy with the number of agents that have completed the survey, you can end it by clicking "End Survey". You'll then be shown the all important results and have the information you need to clean up your apps and make your Zendesk more beautifully simple.

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