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Add reliable and HR friendly GIFs to any Zendesk ticket

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RightGIF displays the Right GIF for your phrase or meme without the confusion of rotating gif matches or unfortunate "HR issues" that you may get with other GIF engines

Avoid those unfortunate HR incidents

RightGIF is a drop-in replacement for Giphy. Why? Because Giphy often displays inappropriate and offensive gifs. It also rotates the gifs, so you never know what gif will come up. RightGIF is HR friendly and doesn’t rotate gifs, so you simply get the Right GIF for your chosen meme of phrase.

Using the RightGIF app is super easy!

1. In the apps pane on the left, type your phrase or meme.
2. Click on it to add it to your comment stream.
3. Continue working… with awesome gifs!

Works with rich text

No other gif apps in Zendesk currently work with the new rich text functionality.

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