After B3 Group implemented Zendesk, they utilized SweetHawk apps to increase the functionality and automation of their processes. 

“A lot of the teams internal to B3 wouldn’t be using Zendesk (without Sweethawk apps), as they wouldn’t see the benefit”

Whitney Hague - Quality Management Senior Analyst

Established in 2008, B3 Group is a health IT and management consulting firm. With over 150 employees operating across 11 US states, B3 Group provides sustainable solutions to both government and enterprise customers, in the form of technology support services.

We had a chat with Whitney Hague, Jonathan Cavey and Ethan Johnson about the implementation of SweetHawk apps at B3 Group, and the resulting benefits they have experienced. 

Whitney is a Quality Management Senior Analyst, and Jonathan and Ethan are both Technical Associates.  


For Whitney on the Quality team, the discovery of SweetHawk apps came through a need for increased automation. “Chad (VP Technology) was looking for something to help automate a lot of our processes internally and Zendesk seemed to be the best fit for that, especially because of all the APIs that we could connect in with our pre existing applications”.


After implementing Zendesk, Whitney explained “Chad and I were doing a lot of searching for how to workaround some of the things that Zendesk can’t do automatically, and that’s how we found SweetHawk. We found some YouTube videos first and we were really impressed”.


By showing how the functionality of the apps can assist with common pain points, Whitney was able to communicate the true benefits of using SweetHawk apps to her team. “We have a lot of manual document approval stuff, so I took the process itself and worked it through Zendesk and the Sweethawk Approvals app. I used Approvals and a lot of triggers, showed it to the team, demoed it for them and it worked”.

“It’s an easy sell to our company”

Whitney Hague - Quality Management Senior Analyst

“The approval process has gone from weeks to days”

Jonathan Cavey - Technical Associate

Jonathan described a further use case “one we just made was getting a manager approval for every user with a different manager, so it was using Approvals again to get that automatically with the basic triggers. Having the one trigger was really nice, you didn’t have to make one for each manager and each user”.


Ethan told us about a current project using SweetHawk apps. “We have different projects, different project managers and different directors for each one, and something we’re working on right now is a software licence request. You have a drop down for the project; we put in a trigger for which project manager is selected, and then put the relevant projects in a separate drop down”.


Ethan explained that in the past “we’d do this on another platform or just through a paper trail. This is the first process we’ve used with Zendesk relating to that”.


“The Approvals app has been a lifesaver for a lot of the things we’ve been doing”

Jonathan Cavey - Technical Associate


When looking at the value SweetHawk apps provide, Whitney stated “from an audit perspective they are extremely useful, we recently got our ISO 20000 and 27000 certs and that’s a really good piece of evidence for us to be able to track”.

Locking in workflows and being able to enforce tasks is a big part of the value. Jonathan told us “I’m helping out with the audits; I really like how you lock all the fields so you can’t change things, and can see what was approved on what day and the task list. So that was a big help for us and we referenced a few of those tickets directly”.

SweetHawk apps have had a major impact on workflow efficiency at B3 Group. Ethan explained, “it’s saved a lot of time with approvals”. Whitney agreed “(previously) there was a whole lot of either doing it via email or through Adobe. It used to take about 2-3 weeks to get a document approved, so this has really streamlined that, and also the reminders you are able to set up. It really does automate it and save a lot of man hours for my team specifically”.

"We have tried to utilize the apps as much as possible because they’re allowing us to automate a lot of our processes"

Whitney Hague - Quality Management Senior Analyst

For Whitney, the change is both clear and easy to measure. “One of the main reasons we wanted Zendesk was not only to automate, but to pull those metrics. So we are able to see how many we are getting done and compare that to before”.


Whitney pointed out that the impact of SweetHawk apps and the improved reportability has been noticed at the highest level. “We have quarterly management reviews with our c-suite, and they look at how many tickets are being submitted, how long things are taking to be resolved, and the downward trend in a sense of time”.


Whitney described the processes before SweetHawk apps were implemented: “you’d have to go and count things, figure out how many emails were sent, it’s very manual to figure out those metrics and that takes time”.

"SweetHawk is automatically pulling metrics for you, and you don’t even have to search for things"

Whitney Hague - Quality Management Senior Analyst


Jonathan was brought on to automate many internal processes, and he said “it has been great to learn and utilize Approvals, and the Task List we use a lot”. Ethan added that without SweetHawk “a lot of the flows we do and processes we work on, we’d have to use outside sources or not be able to do that at all”.


In regards to the quality of SweetHawk apps and the level of ongoing support they received, Whitney commented “when trying to research issues or figure out how I’m supposed to set things up with your apps or Zendesk, you have really thorough and excellent YouTube videos. It’s an easy way to figure things out fairly quickly”.

"The apps themselves, we never have any performance issues with them"

Ethan Johnson - Technical Associate


Jonathan concluded “your support is always there, being across the world you reply quickly when you can. You point me to the right article and it’s already written out, fully detailed and everything so you have all the resources there, and then when it is something we can’t find you’re right there to help us out. So that has always been terrific, a big benefit for us”.


For anyone wanting to explore and potentially implement SweetHawk apps, Whitney had the following advice: “Look into it early, because you have a lot of different applications that can be very useful for everyday processes. There was a lot of time where Chad and I were just trying to wrack our brains on how to do things within just Zendesk. And it was a lot of fruitless hours”.

"You have very affordable prices and really great products"

Whitney Hague - Quality Management Senior Analyst


Ethan and Jonathan recommended taking a thorough look through the SweetHawk website initially. “Looking through all the videos and seeing what the products offer, it’s really straightforward and definitely helps in knowing what you need”.


When speaking about his overall experience with SweetHawk and their apps, Jonathan said “I’m very satisfied with everything, the simplicity, the ideas you are coming out with, and you’re continuing to come out with more apps. I’m excited to see what those can bring to us, and how we can utilize that within the company and really streamline our automation, improve our efficiency and get that ROI up”.


Whitney agreed “you bridge all the gaps that we have with Zendesk itself and this makes it user friendly. There are features you might assume are built into Zendesk and they aren’t, so you are really good at making sure they are simple, user friendly and there”.

"5/5! Honestly it’s always great, I’m very satisfied with the support and what all of the apps can do for us. I’ve never had a negative experience"

Ethan Johnson - Technical Associate