Need help with HR?

SweetHawk’s apps can be used in conjunction with Zendesk to be an awesome HR tool. Now you could easily make the mistake that Zendesk support is ONLY useful for doing amazing customer service, but, it can be so much more! With the addition of a few apps, it becomes an extremely flexible tool to cater for use cases far and wide. And with the continuing impact of the virus, we are seeing more and more organisations looking to ditch all things paper-based, consolidate their tools and make the most of what they’ve got in Zendesk. Learn how to make this happen for HR and book in a demo.

Turning Zendesk into an awesome HR tool…

Process & Consistency

All of SweetHawk’s apps have been built to enable the creation of workflow and process. The Tasks app stands out as the most overt process-orientated tool as it allows you to automatically apply checklists to tickets and spin up families of sub-tickets to be completed by different departments. You can even set it to enforce tasks and sub-tickets to be completed before tickets can be marked as solved.

Another of our apps strong on enforcing process is Approvals. You can set approvals to be automatically applied to tickets, require fields to be filled before approvals can be sent, and require approvals to be granted before tickets can be marked as completed.


SweetHawk has half a dozen scheduling apps that cater to every time-sensitive scenario you can imaging. The Calendar app is great for planning training & orientation sessions for new hires while keeping everyone on the same page with its 2-way integration with 0365 & Google calendars. The Deadline app can help you to ensure that things get completed by specific times.

The Recurring tickets app lets you predefine and schedule tickets to automatically get created at intervals of your choice in the future. This can help with scenarios like planning in & documenting manager check-ins with employees.


Another thing we bake into our apps is an audit trail to know who did what and when. Whether it's being able to track who approved something in Approvals, or who completed a job in Tasks, you can track it down. In many of our other apps, we leverage the power of the Zendesk ticket's events logs to ensure you always have a record of what happened. This auditability has helped customers like Xero to maintain their IS0 27001 certification.

Time savings

With the addition of SweetHawk apps to Zendesk, the ability to automate processes is dramatically increased. Weather is using apps like Tasks to spin up predefined sub-tickets, or using Recurring tickets to automatically create tickets on a repeating basis, the amount of time you could be saving is massive!

1000s of organizations use our apps

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