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Makes it easier to build better change management workflows in Zendesk

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Have you ever wanted to build a change management process in Zendesk and not known where to start? This app will create all the common change management ticket fields for you, including adding an extra ticket type "Change", to go with the other 4 system types (question, incident, problem & task). It enables you to define which ticket fields should be shown depending on the type of change(s) you've created in the app's settings. For each change type, you're also able to provide a link to documentation defining the process that needs to be followed to complete the change (ie. the change model). Additionally, this app is designed to work seamlessly with other SweetHawk apps such as Approvals, Tasks & Calendar to help nail every element that you require for your change management processes.

Features include:

  • Additional 'Ticket Type' for 'Change'.
  • 11 Ticket fields commonly associated with 'Change' tickets can be instantly created.
  • Configurable ticket field conditionality depending on the 'Change Type' selected.
  • Ability to link documentation to each 'Change Type' to ensure processes are followed correctly.
  • Functions seamlessly with other SweetHawk apps making it easier to build out comprehensive change, approval & planning workflows.
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